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Every time a federal, state, or local government agency undertakes a significant regulatory action, the agency has to put something in writing. The only way for the agency to receive formal feedback from its stakeholders it to allow the public provide comments. Public commenting is a process that allows individuals, organizations, agencies, industry stakeholders, and businesses to provide written input on proposed regulatory action(s). Public commenting is an important way to make your voice heard in the regulatory decision-making process. Public comments can strengthen a regulatory decision by providing the agency with facts or perspectives that may not have been originally considered. The goal of commenting is to help the agency create an accurate and comprehensive document to support appropriate and informed regulatory decision- making. 

To aid in this process, TruckerNation has developed a complete how-to guide to assist any industry stakeholder in making public comments on some of the trucking industry’s most pressing issues. TruckerNation’s ‘Public Comments 101’ documents are the industry’s only how-to guide that is tailored to each individual federal docket and extracts all valid information that a stakeholder would need to make an effective public comment. Click on the individual links below to access a complete how-to guide for each trucking industry issue listed. Once you’ve reviewed the how-to guide for the issue you are interested in making a comment, click on the ‘Comment on’ button to go officially file your comment! As always, if you have questions or need assistance making a public comment feel free to reach out to TruckerNation on Facebook or at thetruckernation@gmail.com.


Our comments

Below you will find some of the comments that TruckerNation has filed on industry related dockets: