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TruckerNation is dedicated to helping members and anyone interested in taking an active role in advocating for the commercial transportation industry. Additionally, it is an organizational goal to ensuring a consistent message in communication with congressional leaders, the media, and the public is the goal of our advocacy toolkit. We encourage you to get involved, be it speaking to community groups or meeting with your local, state, or federal legislators. Contact us via our contact form on the ‘Contact’ page or at for more information and assistance with engaging in advocacy efforts. Linked below are various tools to assist.

How to Contact your Congressional Leaders

Contacting your members of the US Congress is an easy and effective way to interact with legislators. To write a letter or call your legislator in the House of Representatives, visit this website and click on your representative's name to take you to his/her personal website. Search around for the "Contact Me" link and use this to either find the phone number for the office or the form to submit a letter. Don’t know who your representative is? Go to and put your zip code (9-digit preferred, but 5-digit OK) in the upper right corner of the page.

To write a letter or call your senator, visit this website, find your senator and click on the webform link to submit a letter. If you want to make a phone call, click on the senator's name to go his/her personal website and use the "Contact Me" link to find the phone number for the office. Don’t know who your senators are? Go to this website and on the top of the page, select the state you live in. 

Congressional Visit Guide

Communicating with your members of Congress is an important way to make your voice heard. Whether your meeting takes place in your hometown or in Washington, DC, TruckerNation provides a step-by-step guide to ensure your visit goes smoothly.


Step 1: Identify your members of Congress

Each person in the U.S. is represented by one representative and two senators. You can find out who represents you on the House and Senate web sites.

Step 2: Schedule a meeting

Members of Congress split their time between their home districts and Washington, DC. They may be available to meet with constituents in either office depending on whether Congress is in session. Contact information for each representative and senator is available on his/her website. You can also email TruckerNation at to help set up a meeting.

Step 3: Do some research, practice and prepare for your meeting

Before you meet, make sure you've done your research. Check out the Industry Information page of the TruckerNation website to assist you in doing research. Contact us at for assistance in meeting preparation.

Step 4: The Meeting

Put your research and preparation into practice and, as the meeting concludes, leave your member of Congress with some information about the importance of research. Feel free to use the Issues Outline below as leave-behind materials.


Templates, Scripts, and Printables

TruckerNation has developed a template to assist members and any others interested in writing a letter to members of congress, a script to assist in making a phone call to congressional leaders, an issues outline to print and leave after an in person meeting, and a template to assist when contacting the media.